Acoustic Songs

by Merit

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released January 15, 2014

Written and performed by Merit. Recorded by Joe Gerhard at JM Studios in Gilbert, AZ in January 2014. Cover photo taken by Chris Chappell, November 2013.



all rights reserved


Merit Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Bummer Jams. RIYL: Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, The Get Up Kids


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Track Name: The Truth About The Twenties (Acoustic)
When we first met I thought it was love and hope,
It felt like time was mine and you'd be all I'd know,
How could anyone else know what we've done and seen?

Now when you're around you're always dressed in gold,
And it's so hard to see the truth with the lights down low,
In the night I'm by myself and all the lights turn green.

They say it's not the truth but it is for me.

I was better all those years ago.
Track Name: American Gods (Acoustic)
I'm slurring my words again,
I'm trying to forget how we got this lost.

I don't know which way to go,
The road's so long and dark,
And you'll find me where you left,
In this land not built for gods.
I don't know which way to go,
But I'm searching for the truth,
All these gods can go to hell,
The sun it shines for you.

I'm burning for you again,
I'm lying to myself and now you're gone.

Living as a shadow,
Wishing for only snow,
You're my last piece of gold,
The last peace my mind will ever know.
Track Name: Every Face I've Ever Worn (Acoustic)
I've been so tired,
But I keep myself awake,
Cause you come to me as someone else
and it fucks with my head

I'm no good for you,
I'm no good for anyone,
So maybe I'll just go away,
And it's time like these,
I wish that I could be,
The person that you thought was me

I'm your Death Star,
You can destroy me but I'll come back,
So this is me letting you down easy,
So you don't have to think about

You wish that I was someone else.

I wish that I was.
Track Name: Portland (Acoustic)
You said, "Portland is calling"
And how did we get here?

We lost it all
Again and again

I'm just trying to remember
A face that I used to know
Track Name: The Nothing (Demo)
I watched you set fire to the town
I watched as the people ran for their lives
I watched as you sat back with a smile
The happiest you've been

I wish you could see the look in your eyes
When the fire dies
A little part of you left inside
You'll never get it back

I watched as you felt homesick
A feeling you never thought you'd ever have
It kills you to know that you cared
For something this real

I wish you could see the look in your eyes
When the fire dies
A little part of you left inside
You'll never get it back

You'll move town to town
And destroy everything
You'll move town to town
Leaving only memories
Never feeling sorry