The One Day Demos

by Merit

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released June 15, 2012

Merit is: Dain Griffin, Jake Krauss and Sam McGee

Tracking and Mixing by Joe Gerherd at JM Studios in one very long day.



all rights reserved


Merit Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Bummer Jams. RIYL: Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, The Get Up Kids

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Track Name: Being You (demo)
Don't kill my time,
Cause I don't think I have another dime to spare,
And though these pockets are empty,
They keep bringing me down to the ground,
And I can't get up

So stop being you,
For just one second,
I can't take it right now

Cause all I need,
Is to buy some time,
So I can figure this thing out

And any time I complain about you,
I never get my point across,
And at the end,
It's shitty words,
That can't be taken back
Track Name: Would You Like Me To Lie To You Now? (demo)
I'm feeling better these days
and at the same time much worse,
Though your face is gone from me,
I'm hearing it in every verse

I wanna know that there's an answer
but I've looked in every book,
I'm arguing with every image of you
and losing it with every look

Well I used every word I had,
Till they all lost their edge,
Not a thing was left unsaid,
Have I lost my edge?

Out of all the things I did,
All the chances that I missed,
And all the fires that we lit,
Lie to me but mean it

We've done it all before,
I don't want this anymore,
But I've got to be sure,
So lie to me but mean it

Lie to me but mean it.
Track Name: Every Face I've Ever Worn (demo)
I've been so tired,
But I keep myself awake,
Cause you come to me as someone else
and it fucks with my head

I'm no good for you,
I'm no good for anyone,
So maybe I'll just go away,
And it's time like these,
I wish that I could be,
The person that you thought was me

I'm your Death Star,
You can destroy me but I'll come back,
So this is me letting you down easy,
So you don't have to think about

You wish that I was someone else.

I wish that I was.
Track Name: Forever. (demo)
I'm just trying to find myself,
I've looked under every rock and dark place,
I guess I hid myself so well,
I might be lost forever

I might be lost forever.